100 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

49. Harry Lime - The Third Man

Haryr Lime Played By: Orson Welles Being played by the larger than life Orson Welles, Lime is a charismatic figure and because of Welles' dominance of the screen he has become an iconic screen villain despite having a relatively minimal amount of screen time. Lime is not a nice man, he sells medicine on the black market and he exploits the poor to make a quick buck. His dodgy medicine is responsible for countless deaths and he shows no remorse for all the pain and trauma he has caused as he is only focused on scheming his way to riches. He is a hollow, shallow man, yet always interesting to watch and the best moments in the film are when Lime is dominating it.

48. Baby Jane Hudson - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Baby Jane Played By: Bette Davis Jane Hudson is the personification of how chasing fame can delude and absorb the soul and create a vicious monster in the process. The film is a nightmarish depiction of a former celebrity who bullies and tortures her sister who she became resentful of after her film career flourished whilst hers waned. Baby Jane is unrelenting in her abuse, both physical and mental and the sheer scale of her jealous evil is deeply unnerving - the lunch sequence where she serves her sister her beloved pet parakeet is very unsettling in particular. Bette Davis gives a great performance, full of delusion, instability and desperation and she creates a genuinely thought-provoking character in this excellent psychological thriller.

47. The Evil Queen - Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Evil Queen Played By: Lucille La Verne Disney's most notorious narcissist is a vanity obsessed evil-doer willing to kill Snow White in fear of being overshadowed and all because a mirror told her so. She's a typical example of somebody going mad with power but never being able to lose their vulnerable anxieties as she lives tortured by the fact that Snow White is more beautiful than she will ever be. She is a vile and reprehensible woman and the template for future iconic Disney villains such as The Lion King's Scar.
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