11 Awesome Movies With Disturbing Messages

1. Meat Is Murder - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw massacre
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Now, there's nothing wrong with a movie promoting the tenets of vegetarianism, but in a film about people being slaughtered by a chainsaw-wielding maniac? It's a little bit questionable, yeah.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features a lot of imagery that places human beings in positions typically reserved for animals, such as getting bashed over the head, hung on meat hooks and literally butchered with industrial equipment, all for the sake of feeding some cannibals.

Unlike a lot of films on this list, the message is clearly supposed to be disturbing, to alert audiences to the grotesque nature of killing animals for food, and once you realise what director Tobe Hooper's doing, it's certainly bracing effective in its own right.

Which of these awesome movies have the most unsettling messages? Got any of your own to add? Shout them out in the comments!

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