12 Actors Who Won Oscars For Completely The Wrong Role

But a wins a win right?


The Academy get things wrong all the time. Seriously, there isn't a year goes by where the Oscars aren't blighted by some catastrophic faux pas or other that turns the Internet against them precisely up to the point of the ceremony itself when everyone just tunes in anyway. It's a self-perpetuating issue, but at least the old guys picking the winners seem to have heeded the controversies of #OscarsSoWhite in 2016, proving beyond a doubt that the only way to get things done these days is to hashtag it.

But spare a thought for the mistakes nobody is actually allowed to complain about when they happen to them. No actor could win an Oscar and grumble that they deserved it more elsewhere, because they'd look both ungrateful and discourteous. And not to mention arrogant beyond belief.

Sure, they won anyway, but it always slightly detracts from the victory when the acknowledgement comes for the wrong thing. And even if it is the absolute pinnacle of first world problems, the fact that history records their genius for entirely the wrong achievements - in some cases over films they somehow weren't even nominated for - is a source of eternal frustration...

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