12 Really Stupid Decisions In Comic Book Movie History

Next time, maybe just don't tell Star-Lord about Gamora, yeah?!

Thanos Star Lord
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There's no question that a significant number of movie plots depend on their characters being idiots. Why bring an unknown exotic gremlin home to your child as a present, for instance? Why leave a comatose time-travelling teenager in a back alley for anyone to find? WHY MAKE ANOTHER DINOSAUR PARK WHEN THE LAST ONE KILLED ALL THOSE PEOPLE?!

Luckily, the idiots behind such plot-advancing silliness do at least ensure that the experience for the audience is fun. The Little Mermaid wouldn't have had any dramatic tension if Ariel just wrote Prince Eric a note about needing a kiss, would it? And Memento's great ending wouldn't have been possible if Leonard was just a better record-keeper and had a tape recorder or something. We need idiots. We love idiots. We are them, sometimes.

There's a special type of idiocy that seems to afflict superheroes and villains in comic book movies too, and thanks to them supposedly being SUPERIOR, it's even funnier/more frustrating when they show their true colours...

12. Giving The Reality Stone To The Collector - Thor: The Dark World

MCU The Collector Reality Stone
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The Asgardians might talk like Thespians and dress like middle-class cosplayers, but they're pretty dumb sometimes. For instance, Odin's mistreatment of Loki turns him into a supervillain and the old man somehow manages to be duped by a fake Gauntlet that he puts in his vault rather than tossing it in the trash.

One of the great moments of stupidity on Asgard actually happens in the interest of protecting the place. Because you can't have two Infinity Stones in one place, Sif and Volstagg are sent to hand over one of the most powerful items in the known multiverse to The Collector, a shady space Liberace who screams Bad Guy thanks to his hair and massive fur cloak alone.

Why didn't anyone - like Heimdall, for instance, who can SEE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE - run a little research on The Collector, who immediately reveals he's in no way suited to protecting the Stone. He's not even remotely affiliated with Asgard, so why choose him at random to guard it? He doesn't even have any security!

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