13 Alternate MCU Movie Scenes We Almost Got To See

13. Vision Betrays Team Iron Man - Captain America: Civil War

The Vision Paul Bettany Avengers
Marvel Studios

While the teams in Captain America: Civil War were set fairly early on and announced in the film's marketing, the decision of who was going to be on whose team wasn't set in stone from the get-go. In fact, the line-ups went through several different changes ahead of The Russos settling on the final iteration.

And in one early version, Vision was going to be a rogue character who seemed to turn his back on those he was initially allied with. As Marvel artist Andy Park revealed, there was some concept art drawn up showing Vision phasing his hand through Iron Man's arc reactor to save Wanda.

That would have mirrored a scene from the comics and would presumably have meant that Vision was going to betray Iron Man at a key point in the climax.

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