13 Alternate MCU Movie Scenes We Almost Got To See

12. Whiplash's "Death" - Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Whiplash
Marvel Studios

As Mickey Rourke has always been fairly happy to share, his experience working on Iron Man 2 wasn't the best, mostly thanks to the way the studio handled the edit. His character was essentially sidelined and stripped of all nuance (apart from the parrot Rourke suggested himself) and it really shows in the final film where he's relegated to glorified henchman.

Originally, his role was different. There was an earlier version of the ending where Whiplash would have survived his first "death" (the one that was his final act in the finished movie) and would have come back to try and kill Tony and Pepper once more. He would then have been killed off for real by Rhodey.

A rough cut of the scene actually exists as Jon Favreau decided to cut it late in production...

The ending was then changed to make it more ambiguous in case Marvel wanted to bring back Whiplash for future movies, just as had happened with Obediah Stane in the first movie. Presumably for more parrot-based shenanigans

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