13 Awesome 2017 Movies That Deserve Best Picture (But Won't Get Nominated)

Logan deserves all the gold.

Logan Oscar

With the end of the year approaching, Oscar season is very much in full swing, and though it's safe to say that Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has been the out-and-out Best Picture frontrunner since its release, a lot can change ahead of next year's Academy Award ceremony on March 4th.

But what about those outside contenders, those movies that, in a just world, would be bonafide, sure-fire nominees?

These 13 films are objectively among the best-reviewed movies of 2017, but either due to the snotty standards of the Academy, a poor box office haul or the film simply being too out-there for the Oscars' more mainstream tastes, they're all going to lose out on that precious award glory.

From one of the year's most acclaimed superhero movies to a long-awaited sequel that truly lived up to the hype and a fleet of art-house hits in-between, these are the year's most passionately-championed movies which will sadly get snubbed by Oscar, and have fans raging for the remainder of the awards circus...

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