13 Unanswered Questions From 2016's Comic Book Movies

12. Is Apocalypse Dead For Good? - X-Men: Apocalypse


The Question: When the X-Men team up to disintegrate Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) at the end of the movie, is he dead for good, or will he be returning?

The Likely Answer: In the comics, Apocalypse was essentially immortal and capable of returning time and time again after being defeated.

However, the film made it pretty clear that Apocalypse had to transfer his consciousness to a new body when his current one breaks down, so the fact he wasn't able to do that before being destroyed by Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) makes it pretty clear that he's probably not coming back.

Sure, the supervillain could be resurrected down the line in a new form with a new actor and most fans would probably just roll with it, but considering the rather lukewarm reception to the film, it seems unlikely the character will be visited again.


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