13 Unanswered Questions From 2016's Comic Book Movies

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More so than just about any other type of movie, superhero films are very much in the business of rustling up intrigue and getting you hyped to watch the next entry into the franchise.

As such, comic book films tend to leave a ton of plot threads dangling in the event that the filmmakers want to revisit a certain plot or character, all while giving themselves enough room to change their minds should the franchise head in another direction.

2016 was certainly a mixed bag as far as superhero movies are concerned, but it definitely got people talking, and even some of the lesser efforts posed some tantalising questions for future films.

Thanks to a combination of conjecture, leaks and reading between the lines, we've also been able to come up with some probable answers to these lingering questions.

Here are 13 unanswered questions from 2016's comic book movies...

13. How Did The Joker Survive The Helicopter Crash? - Suicide Squad

Warner Bros.

The Question: After attempting to rescue Harley (Margot Robbie), The Joker's (Jared Leto) chopper crashes and explodes into a fireball. How, then, did he survive to return at the end of the movie and spring Harley from jail?

The Likely Answer: First and foremost, the ever-trusty plot armour, which even the most casual comic book fan knows about and therefore makes it pretty insulting they'd even try to fool us into thinking J was actually dead.

Many expected that the movie's Extended Cut would clear up The Joker's survival, but it didn't, so we're left to assume that he managed to bail out of the chopper at just the right second, miraculously not breaking any bones or dying, and quite possibly sacrificing one of his lackeys to somehow make a safe landing.

"Because reasons" is the real answer, though.


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