13 Upcoming Movie Plot Twists Everybody's Already Guessed

12. Mystique Dies - Dark Phoenix

X Men Apocalypse Mystique Jennifer Lawrence

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence isn't particularly enthusiastic about the X-Men franchise these days, and with Dark Phoenix initially rumoured to be the final film in the series starring Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult, it's not exactly a bold guess that at least one of them will end up dead.

Considering Lawrence's distaste for wearing the superhero's iconic make-up and her clear indifference to the series as a whole, she's been the prime candidate ever since the film was announced. Moreover, if recent test screening plot leaks are to be believed, that's exactly what will happen.

Lawrence gets to finally exit the franchise and the movie gets a potentially emotional boost from her death. Ultimately it's all for nought, though, as the X-Men franchise as we know it is getting canned once the Fox-Disney merger is fully completed next year.


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