15 Best Superhero Movie Costumes Ever

15. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

Far away from the more muted, rusty design of her costume in Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman's solo movie gifted the iconic hero with one of the most breathtakingly vibrant superhero costumes of the last few years.

Considering the over-sexualised lineage of the character's attire, her new regalia still concedes the character's sex appeal albeit in a far more tasteful manner, raising the neckline up and toning down the shaping of the metal breastplate. At the same time, it's obviously still recognisably inspired by the original outfit, though less silly-looking overall (if still quite a bit).

Bringing some welcome colour to the DCEU but not going full comic book and totally overdoing it, Wonder Woman's armour is sleek, evocative and tough. Basically, it's perfect for a demigod such as Diana.

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