15 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments In MCU History

"I am Iron Man."

Marvel Studios

The MCU might have started with Tony Stark's improvised snark, but it quickly gained heart and depth. We went from Thor smashing mugs, to him watching his entire family die in front of him. From Bucky and Steve smiling, to "Who the hell is Bucky?" And then to a Civil War, an Infinity War that destroyed almost half the universe, and then the Endgame.

The MCU might be full of fun, superheroics, and Stan Lee cameos, but it also has some of the most heartwrenching moments in cinematic history. And we're not even counting the Stan Lee-ified Marvel Studios opening logo. Or his Mallrats/Captain Marvel cameo. We're not counting those because if we wrote more words the rest of this article would just be covered in tears and snot.

So, with the Infinity Saga won, and the Avengers dead or done, let's take a look back at the most intense, heart-breaking scenes in the MCU - from a kid who wouldn't fall down in Brooklyn to Tony's last snappy comeback, here are the times Marvel went for the heart, and not the head.



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