15 Movie Moments That Pissed Off Fans Most In 2017

15. Sif's Total Absence - Thor: Ragnarok

Thor The Dark World Sif
Marvel Studios

Prior to Thor: Ragnarok's release, initial reports suggested that Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) wouldn't be appearing in the movie due to Alexander's commitments to her TV show Blindspot, but Alexander herself suggested otherwise with a few cryptic tweets during the movie's production period.

As it turned out, Sif was in fact entirely absent from Ragnarok, presumably surviving the movie's events even though the Warriors Three were killed by Hela (Cate Blanchett) and Asgard took a thorough shellacking.

Alexander later explained that she did hope to appear in the movie, but ultimately the scheduling just didn't work out, leaving fans frustrated that a heroine as bada** as Sif continues to be totally wasted in the MCU.

Considering how Marvel Studios don't do nearly enough with their female superheroes, they desperately need to give Sif a meaty role in an upcoming movie after she's spent so long doing basically nothing.


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