15 Movie Moments That Pissed Off Fans Most In 2017

Cap trolled us all.

Spider Man Homecoming Captain America
Marvel Studios

2017 was a year of stratospheric highs and subterranean lows for cinema: on one end you had beloved characters like Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) receiving unforgettable cinematic send-offs, and on the other, you had a litany of moments seemingly solely intended to annoy fans.

Whether these 15 movies were ultimately successful or not, each of them served up at least one moment that left fans frustrated, even infuriated, by failing to give a beloved character their due, refusing to pay-off a long-dangling plot thread, taking the lazy way out, or maybe just forcing fans to sit through 10 minutes of credits for a totally inconsequential post-credits tag (you know who you are).

Some of these moments may have left mere passing irritation while others are sure to leave fans questioning their inclusion for years, maybe even decades, to come. Some scenes wilfully provoked audiences while others were simply indicative of thoughtless filmmaking.

Everyone has their own breaking point, and surely just about everybody was pushed to it at least once this past year by one of these annoying, fan-baiting moments...


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