15 Must-See Blumhouse Movies

13. The Belko Experiment


The Belko Experiment has a brilliant premise and therefore it was never not going to be an interesting watch. Sure enough, it delivers, although not as successfully as similar films like The Hunger Games or Battle Royale.

Written by James Gunn, directed by Australian horror maestro Greg McLean and performed by a surprisingly good cast for a low-budget horror film, Belko has a lot of talent attached and they all rise to the challenge. The performances are strong, the direction is slick, the thrills are consistently engaging and like the rest of James Gunn's filmography, it is full of cleverly ironic musical choices.

Unfortunately, the film does lose control of itself eventually, but the first hour is great, the film is wonderfully nasty and it makes for a good watch. Overall, this is a cult classic in the making.


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