18 Greatest Moments In Every MCU Movie (So Far) - Ranked

The crown jewels of Kevin Feige's incredible toy box.

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When you look at the historical landscape of film, the MCU had absolutely no right to get to where it has after ten years. An astonishing 18 movies in, the Marvel Cinematic Universe basically invented the concept of a true shared universe (not one done as an Easter Egg, that is) and while there have been low-points, the fact that there have only been three releases that qualify anywhere near mediocrity is astonishing.

Over the past decade, we've seen Oscar winners and newcomers share the screen, we've seen characters go through entire, complex arcs of development and we've seen the Earth get repeatedly threatened with invasion, destruction or being robbed of its best heroes. To think of the subtleties that have been interwoven into this narrative behemoth alongside gigantic moments ripped straight from the comics is to invite awe.

And it's not done yet, with Thanos' impending arrival promising to change everything up for what comes after Phase 3. With the promise of that ominous invasion and its unprecedented finality (something we haven't seen before in the MCU), now is the perfect time to take stock and to look at the very best moments in the sprawling franchise to date.

But which are the stand-out single moments in every MCU movie so far, and which of them is the absolute best?

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