20 Alien Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

In space, no-one can find these Easter eggs...

There are few movie franchises as iconic and unforgettable as Alien, so what better reason is needed to look back at the classic sci-fi action series and dig out some of those Easter eggs you probably never noticed? With the movies released on Blu-ray a few years ago, fanatics have managed to uncover even more hidden gems recently which weren't visible on prior DVD versions of the series. Regardless of each individual movie's quality (because who doesn't prefer the first two to the latter two?), the Alien films are absolutely jam-packed with clever hidden gags and references (not so much Alien 3 though, hence its absence from this list), and Prometheus also includes a few nifty ones itself. As for the risible Alien vs. Predator movies? They won't be getting a look in here whatsoever. From Easter eggs involving the actual alien eggs themselves to unexpected cameos, incredible stylistic tricks you'd never notice and everything in-between, the Alien series is chock full of things fans should keep their eyes peeled for, only a fraction of which are contained within this list. Some of them ruin the magic while others only heighten the intrigue, but each will ensure you don't quite view these movies the same way ever again. Here are 20 Alien Easter eggs you never noticed...


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