20 Best Movie Performances Of 2017

2. Hugh Jackman - Logan

Logan Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman surpassed any and all expectations with his visceral, emotionally devastating R-rated swansong as Wolverine in Logan.

Far away from the more slick, wise-cracking, cigar-chomping superhero of previous X-Men movies, here Logan has been worn down by life, where every new day is a violent struggle to keep going.

Jackman still got in terrific shape for the part, but with his grey hair, scarred body and generally ruffled appearance, this is by far his grittiest and most fascinating performance as the character.

Jackman, who has always been the best part of the X-Men movies, nails both the physical aspects of the character and his more subdued, emotional torment, giving the hero a suitably emotional farewell, fully committed to the idea that this will be his final time as the character.

He won't get an Oscar nomination, but he sure as hell deserves it.


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