20 Easter Eggs In Harry Potter Films You Didn’t Notice

1. Snape's Lament

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Without doubt the most intricate yet bitterly saddening Easter Egg in the Harry Potter series comes in the first film in Professor Snape€™s very first encounter with a young Harry. After ridiculing his celebrity status, Snape appears to quiz Potter€™s potion knowledge by asking €œwhat would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?".

Though it may seem like an attempt to humiliate Harry in front of the class (which it certainly does), this is actually a coded message, which will be lost on nearly all of the film€™s viewers other than those possessing an impressive knowledge of Victorian practices. In the 19th century it was customary for each flower type to be assigned a specific meaning. Asphodel is a member of the lily family and was associated with death and regret while wormwood was linked with absence. Thus by asking Harry this question Snape is actually expressing a disguised message pertaining to his regret over the loss of Harry€™s mother Lily Potter. Of course the significance of this message only becomes clear after we are informed about the bond Severus shared with Lily.

It may seem like a big coincidence but knowing how intelligent Snape is (and knowing how partial J.K Rowling is to an Easter Egg or two) it€™s hard to deny. Interestingly Alan Rickman who played Snape was not only hand-picked by Rowling but received special instruction from the author as she revealed vital details about Snape€™s back story which would allow Rickman to give a more suitable performance. These were details that readers didn€™t become privy to until the last book.

Did we miss any obscure Easter Eggs in the Harry Potter franchise? Share your own finds below in the comments thread.

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