20 Predictions For 2018's Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Black Panther is going to slay.

Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Though reviews aren't the ultimate expression of a movie's success, critical reception clearly matters to studios, to the point that they've recently begun screening their more "troubled" movies to the press at the last minute, in the hope that potential customers won't read the fleet of bad reviews before heading to the cinema.

In general film discussion, a movie's Rotten Tomatoes score can be used to "objectively" rate a film's quality, and while this is obviously ridiculous, it goes without saying that many people won't bother seeing a movie if it can't even scrape a "Fresh" 60% rating.

These 20 upcoming movies, easily the most anticipated and discussed of 2018, are going to have fans eagerly refreshing that Rotten Tomatoes page when the embargo lifts, praying for at least mildly positive notices if not effusive praise.

Of course, any given year will frequently blindside film fans with hugely unexpected critical hits and duds, but looking at the evidence available so far, it's possible to take an educated stab at just how well (or horribly) these 20 films will score with the press...


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