20 Predictions For 2018's Rotten Tomatoes Scores

20. Tomb Raider (26%)

Alicia Vikander Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Warner Bros.

Predicted Critical Consensus: "Alicia Vikander proves well-cast as the iconic video game heroine, but Tomb Raider ultimately can't overcome its cliched script or hackneyed direction."

There's no surer bet in Hollywood than a movie adapted from a video game bombing with critics - regardless of how well it performs at the box office - and though Alicia Vikander will effortlessly make for a fine Lara Croft, the marketing doesn't at all suggest that Tomb Raider will break the video game movie curse.

In a way, though, a 26% score would actually be a victory for the film, considering that the two previous Angelina Jolie-starring Tomb Raider films only racked up 20% and 24% respectively. It's something?


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