20 Suspiciously Similar Movie Scenes You Never Noticed

9. Princess Mononoke/ Snow White And The Huntsman

Princess Mononokesnow WhiteOn the surface, the films here aren't all that similar: other than the fact that both are fantasies. Princess Mononoke is a Japanese rural animated fable, concerning the balance of nature. The hero is cursed to die, and must journey to the heart of a forest to seek the blessing of the Forest Spirit, which manifests itself as an elk with huge antlers. His arrival is heralded by the appearance of thousands of white spirits known as Kodama. If that sounds familiar, it's because it is hugely similar to the retelling of Snow White And The Huntsman. In that film, the titular character travels to a magical forest with the dwarves to receive a blessing from the Stag, the manifestation of the God of Nature. The motivation is different, but the entire scene in its shot composition and art design is a complete theft from Princess Mononoke. One has to wonder if those involved with the film were under the impression that they were stealing from a comparatively obscure film and that no one would notice.

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