20 Suspiciously Similar Movie Scenes You Never Noticed

10. Dark City/The Truman Show

Dark Citytruman Show From the beginning of 1998 through the summer of 1999, four films with seemingly photocopied premises were released: Dark City, The Truman Show, The Matrix and the lesser known Existenz, all of which are allegorical fables derived from Plato's Cave. The Greek philosopher had devised a thought experiment with the concept of prisoners being held captive that were presented with a false reality, and in the same vein, each of these films present protagonists unwittingly trapped in an alternate reality they must escape. Of these sci-fi philosophical mind benders Dark City and The Truman Show share the most similarities. In both films the main character is held in a tightly observed and controlled prison: in Dark City, John is a prisoner in a walled off city controlled by the Strangers who are operating an experiment to understand humanity. And in The Truman Show of course, Truman's prison is his studio controlled life. That isn't where the similarities end. At the end of both films our protagonists board ships to unravel the truth behind their realities. John and Truman travel to the edge of their gilded cages where they are met with facades of a painted sky. They must find the courage to expose the truth and free themselves of the false lives they have been leading.
Perhaps it's a coincidence, but what makes these scenes so striking is that both are the major crux of the storyline and both are major steps in the revelation of each plot.

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