25 Predictions For Summer 2016's Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Who needs Joss Whedon anyway?

Yes, summer blockbuster season seems to be kicking off earlier and earlier every year: it wasn't long ago that the Fast and Furious movies started nudging the start of the season into April, but now with Batman v Superman landing in late-March, it's kicking off even sooner. Still, knowing the big guns will be firing out of the gate soon makes getting through the dump months at the start of the year a little more tolerable, and though it might struggle to keep up with 2015's ridiculously stacked blockbuster slate, it's going to put up a damn good fight all the same. This summer will see all sorts: remakes, reboots, reimaginings, long-awaited comic book adaptations, wildly unnecessary sequels and everything in-between. It's always fun to try and guess what will and won't land with critics, because every year without fail, there will be those terrible-looking films that surprise us, and those hugely-anticipated tentpoles that disappoint everyone. Here are 25 predictions for summer 2016's Rotten Tomatoes scores...

25. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (67%)

Predicted Critical Consensus: "Zack Snyder delivers on the promises of an action-packed superhero grudge match, even if Batman v Superman's narrative can't quite match its kinetic thrills." Granted, the numbers aren't in Zack Snyder's favour to deliver a critically fresh film here (of his three fresh films, two only barely scraped 60%), but the sheer ferocious appeal of the premise will likely win a decent number of critics over. Though it's still likely to catch flak for what's already perceived to be a predictable narrative, and many critics may find it simply overstuffed or trying to do too much, it'd be a shock if 2/3 of reviewers didn't find enough entertaining action and drama to make it recommendable to the general public. It's one of the summer's hardest films to predict critically: word on the street is that Warner Bros. themselves are quite worried about the reception, so don't be surprised either if it lands with a thud or soars higher than expected. It's a total crap shoot at this point, to be honest.

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