5 Awesome Toy Story Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

toy story

Since their first movie in 1995 Pixar have prided themselves on their use of Easter eggs. Baffling fans for many years with hidden and often cryptic messages, the company have become renowned for introducing characters from movies that aren€™t even out yet in cameo form and it€™s become a game for fans worldwide to attempt to spot some sort of teaser for their next movie. These aren€™t the only type of Easter eggs they like to drop in however, similar to the Marvel Universe the Pixar characters are all noted in other films, for example watch out for Mike Wazowski popping up in the end credits for Finding Nemo, or an engraving of Sully from Monsters Inc in Brave.

The Toy Story trilogy is undeniably Pixar€™s greatest achievement so naturally the trilogy is riddled with Easter Eggs. Some are pretty obvious, like Sid from the original toy story making a cameo in Toy Story 3 (he€™s the bin man) whilst others are extremely well hidden, here€™s my look at some of those ones you might not have noticed€.


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