5 Awesome Toy Story Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

5. A Bug's Life In Toy Story 2

bugs life toy story Everybody loves a bed time story, including the Toodle Tots, who in Toy Story 2 get there€™s read to them by Mrs Potato Head. But yep you guessed it, the story being read to the boys is in fact another Pixar film. This time around it€™s the turn of A Bugs Life to make a cameo. If you look closely enough you will be able to spot that the scene she is reading to them is the one where Flick flies off to Big City and the two children next to Dot say €˜Your Dad€™s right, he€™s going to die€™. Another Easter egg involving the hero from A Bug€™s life sees Flick make a notable appearance later in The Toy Story trilogy - in Toy Story 3 he is one of the toys that can be quickly scurrying to get underneath one of the buckets at Sunnyside Day Care Centre when the Kindergarten kids return from their break. Flick€™s appearance in Toy Story 3 really is a blink and you€™ll miss it moment but the Easter egg is even more noticeable by the fact that Flick appears to be carrying something green, presumably a leaf, a clear reference to his role in A Bug€™s Life.

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