As both a massive comic book movie lover and a lifelong fan and reader (and watcher) of the X-Men (the best superheroes of them all), I understand the controversy of what I am suggesting here (please put your pitch forks down). I also understand, having done my research, that a lot of people at WhatCulture- hell, a lot of people in the world would strongly disagree with me. But just because everyone else thinks the world is flat, doesn’t mean it’s not round.

When I first watched X-Men: First Class last year in the cinema, I kind of liked it, but there were little things about it that bugged me. Since then, I have watched it a lot more, and unfortunately like it less and less. I remember when I first watched The Last Stand in the cinema I really enjoyed it (I’m sorry, I was younger then), but every year since again I like it less and less. It definitely isn’t as good as X-Men or X2. But maybe it is just a little better than First Class. Maybe we were so disappointed with The Last Stand, maybe even before any of us saw the film, that we so wanted First Class to be amazing that we made, what ultimately was a pretty average and flawed film into the saviour of the X-Men. Even if I won’t be able to convince you of this, at least we can all probably agree that they were both better than X Men Origins: Wolverine, right? Right?

But like you all, I really really really want the X Men First Class sequel, X Men: Days of Future Past scheduled for release July 2014 , to be the best X Men yet, especially considering the source material. But if everyone continues to go on about how great First Class was (when, at least maybe it really wasn’t) then the filmmakers will be at risk of just making the same mistakes over and over again… and there really were a lot of mistakes, weren’t there?

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This article was first posted on September 16, 2012