There is truly nothing worse than watching a film you enjoyed so clearly set up a sequel, for the studio to decide never to follow-through with one. Now, not all the films on the following list were considered good, though if I am being completely honest, I enjoyed them all… but all the films on this list had potential enough to warrant a potentially really interesting sequel. Plus, if science-fiction movies from the past have taught us one thing (by science fiction- I am including any superhero movie) it is that sequels to these films are usually just a little better than the originals.

Don’t believe me, well consider: The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, X2, Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2, Aliens etc. etc.

Of course there are a few exceptions… Iron Man 2… but more often than not, especially within this pretty vast genre, sequels are better… which is good news for the horde of super-hero and science fiction sequels expected out within the next couple of years. Having said this, most of the films listed would technically not be the second in their franchise (though most would) and superhero/sci-fi films usually epically fail after film number 2. Good luck Iron Man 3!!!

The following 5 films set up a sequel but were either not popular enough to warrant one- critically or at the box office- or in a few cases, the franchise branched off in separate directions (mostly not very successfully). Even still, all of the films in the following list, in my opinion, deserved a sequel- though many likely wouldn’t have been very good.

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This article was first posted on November 5, 2012