5 Upcoming 2014 Films We Can’t Wait to See

If you aren’t already wetting your pants with excitement, then you totally should be. Here’s why.

Daniel Bowen


Unless you are already excited about a lot of these, and considering I am probably speaking to a lot of film geeks right now, of course you are. And if you’re not a big fan of comic book movies, don’t worry, 4 of these 5 films are not made by Marvel (and when I get to Marvel, I kind of cheated a little), because there are a lot of other films to be excited about in 2014… as you will see.

When was the last time you went to watch a film in the cinema and watched a trailer for a movie that you didn’t already know about? If you are anything like me, this probably never happens (although, if I’m being completely honest, when I went to see The Dark Knight Rises I saw the trailer for Lawless… and for reasons beyond me, I had never heard of that film before then I am embarrassed to say).

A lot of the following films have been known and talked about for a very long time (one in particular rumored and talked about for almost a decade) and some of them have been included on this list mainly due to curiosity. And before you start biting my head off in the comments section (like you have been for my article 7 X-Men That Badly Need Recasting and Who Should Play Them) this isn’t a complete list, and of course there are other upcoming films this year that a lot of you are probably excited about. I’m sorry if I haven’t included them… but feel free to post them in the comments section.

So, here they are, the five (kind of) films being released in 2014 that you should be excited about right now… if you aren’t already wetting your pants with excitement. That is, of course, if the world hasn’t ended by then ( and I don’t know about you, but I’m probably thinking the earth is safe for now).