5 Ways Star Wars Prequels Are Better Than The Original Trilogy

Lucas did get facets of the new trilogy right. He even did some things better this time around.

Let€™s get this out in the open right now: the original Star Wars trilogy as a whole is head and shoulders better than the prequels. The goal here is to point out that while the original trilogy is sacred material to most sci-fi fans, there are aspects of the Star Wars universe that were better written, executed, and displayed to the audience in George Lucas€™s prequel trilogy. Lucas took a lot of heat and negative backlash for his commercially successful yet generally weaker trilogy. That criticism was well warranted. However I am here to say that he did get facets of the new trilogy right. He even did some things better this time around. Yeah, I said it! Here are 5 ways in which the prequel trilogy is better than the original trilogy.

5. Lightsabers

This one is a no brainer. Even the most stringent haters of the prequels can€™t argue the fact that the lightsaber duels and battles are far and away better in the new trilogy. The advancements made in technology are obviously the main reason why the lightsabers improved. But that is not the whole story. There was more to these new duels and battles than just how well the lightsabers looked and flowed on screen. It was the nature and makeup of the fights themselves that took a huge leap forward, specifically the choreography of the fights. In the original trilogy the lightsaber duels were very slow paced and resembled more of a fencing contest than a battle to the death with €œlaser swords€. In the prequels we finally got to see all that Lucas had envisioned the lightsabers to be. They were the top of the class when it came to weaponry, as it was the golden age of the Jedi. There was nothing the lightsabers couldn€™t do. And unlike in the original trilogy, the Jedi weren€™t shy about using them in any situation. Locked out of a room and R2D2 is not around to open the door? Simple, just cut through it with your lightsaber! Being shot at by a blaster or two? No worries, just deflect the shots back at them with your lightsaber! Not in reach of the battle droids? Problem solved, just throw your lightsaber at them! We saw a double-sided lightsaber wielded by Darth Maul which allowed him to fight two Jedi simultaneously. We saw General Grievous and his half droid-self fight using four lightsabers since he had four arms! No matter how much you disliked the prequels, at the very least, you sat up in your seat and enjoyed all of the glory the lightsaber battles and duels now possessed.
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