50 Reasons Why Ghostbusters Is The Greatest Film Of All Time


€œI€™ve quit better jobs than this,€ €“ Janine.

47. Stay-Puft References

No wonder the Stay-Puft Marsh-mellow Man was the first thing that popped into Ray's head towards the end of the movie. He had been victim of subliminal messaging throughout the film including a packet laying beside some eggs in Dana's apartment.

48. Iconic Moments

There are a few moments in this film that will live in cinemagoers minds forever. My favourite however, is when the guys first appear in full uniform. They burst through a hotel door €“ side-by-side €“ and the camera swoops down and tracks in on them as the enter the lobby. €œHey, anyone seen a ghost?€ asks Peter. The hairs on my neck are standing up just writing this.

49. Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Ok, so it€™s not as good as the first one (but few films are, right?) but people who give this film are hard time have missed the point. Ghostbusters 2 is simply the chance to have a good time and hang out with some old buddies you haven€™t seen in a while. What's wrong with that?!?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANvKkdkZm2o And one reason why maybe it isn't... Alright, the elephant in the room -- Winston. Is he an ordinary guy who's lack of scientific knowledge means he's actually a cypher for the audience...or is he a lazy, black stereotype, drawn up by people who should know better? What do you reckon?
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