50 Reasons Why Ghostbusters Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

...and One Reason Why Maybe It Isn't! Tom Fallows runs down 50 reasons why the 1984 classic horror comedy Ghostbusters is The Greatest Film of All Time. Also check out the three sequels to this list Gremlins, Back to the Future and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho!

1. Bill Murray

This is the movie that made the Saturday Night Live comedian a bonified movie star and would pave the way for such later delights as Groundhog Day (1993), Lost in Translation (2003) and Broken Flowers (2005). Without Bill Murray, would Ghostbusters be the classic it is today?

2. The Dialogue

Just transcribing the movie would enough reason why Ghostbusters achieves greatness. This list contains as many classic quotes as we could fit. i.e.
€œYou forget, Peter. I was present at an undersea unexplained sponge migration,€ €“ Ray.

3. Ray Parker Jr€™s Theme Song

All together now, €œWho ya gonna call?€ The music video is pretty cool too. It€™s got Chevy Chase, Teri Garr and Columbo in it. Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4uxIo4t7xM

4. Ivan Reitman

The movie proves, contrary to recent evidence that Reitman can direct a movie. If this went to court, and the prosecution produced Evolution (2001) and My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) as Exhibits A & B, then the defence would only need to show Ghostbusters to result in an instant dismissal.

5. Old Boy Heroes

In an age obsessed with youth, it€™s nice to see four heroes old enough to be your dad.


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