6 Things We Can Expect From Suicide Squad 2 With Gavin O'Connor As Director

Suicide Squad 2: Batfleck Returns.

Warner Bros.

While the deal isn't fully signed and sealed just yet, it's looking very, very likely that director Gavin O'Connor (Warrior, Jane Got A Gun, The Accountant) will be at the helm for Suicide Squad 2.

According to reports, O'Connor has been tapped to both write and direct the upcoming sequel, with he and his frequent writing partner Anthony Tambakis set to work on a draft of the script after Warner Bros approved of their pitch for the movie.

At face value, this is an interesting, but safe choice on Warner Bros' part; O'Connor isn't really known for his big-budget fare (he's never directed a film that cost over $44 million) and Suicide Squad is an enormous, triple-A franchise, but, his pre-existing relationship with the studio - they collaborated on The Accountant - means that they know he'll be able to play ball.

All that aside, O'Connor is a talented, often underappreciated filmmaker with a number of critical darlings under his belt, but what might his interpretation of a Suicide Squad movie look like?

Based on everything we know so far about the project - as well as O'Connor's film history - it's possible to make several educated guesses...


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