7 Actors Who Tried To Be Directors (And Totally Failed)

Some people should really just stay in front of the camera...

There's so much involved with being a film director that it's no surprise how many films end up being irredeemably awful: even the most talented filmmakers have made their terrible films, and it's safe to say that making a great movie is a combination of skill, luck, and just the right circumstances at the right time. Still, actors are probably better-equipped than any other aspect of the filmmaking process (perhaps with the exception of cinematographers) to transition behind the director's chair, and as such it's no surprise that so many end up giving it a shot. Of course, there are countless cases of tremendous success: Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Ben Affleck are just three examples of actors who have enjoyed significant plaudits as directors, and in the former and latter cases, arguably more so than in their original occupations. But don't be mistaken: directing a movie is a tough ordeal, and there are many more instances of actors who stepped up to the plate, swung hard and missed spectacularly. These 7 actors, whether acclaimed performers in their own right or more dubious prospects, took their talents behind the camera, and in many cases often wrote and even starred in the movie themselves. The results? In these cases, they were (and in some cases continue to be) complete busts. They tried, but alas, they're better off leaving the heavy lifting to a director who has a stronger handle on the craft. Did we miss any calamitous attempts by actors to become directors? Do you disagree with any of our entries? Let us know in the comments!

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