7 Awful Movies That Somehow Got Great Actors Involved

1 With Movie 43 now in cinemas and its reception growing increasingly sour (it's already on Wikipedia's 'Worst Film's Ever' list), this huge calamity featuring one of the largest and most high-profile ensemble casts to date has brought my mind back to a question I have been pondering for a while now: what were they thinking? How do such dreadful films rope in such stars? It's not as though actors are unintelligent or just in it for the money, is it? Okay... admittedly I'm sorry I asked that question, but my point still stands. Not all actors are thick enough or greedy enough to stoop to these levels, so why do great actors and actresses, the gods and goddesses of Hollywood, repeatedly pick god-awful bombs? Maybe some are under contract, feel the need to return to an awful sequel just because they were in the first one or just didn't bother to read the script properly, but for whatever reason, it happens. So let's take a look at just some flops that somehow got their hands on veterans, Shakespeareans and national treasures. Gentlemen, fire your agents.

7. Tank Girl (1995)

mcdowellWho's in it?: Malcolm McDowell I've already mentioned this before and admittedly it doesn't have a whole lot of stars under it's belt, but the one star it does have just makes you want to weep with pity. I'll keep this one short. So short in fact I could simply say 'Malcolm McDowell, WHY?" and move on, but no, that would be unfair. This one in particular should have been a particularly easy bomb to spot, especially since half its problems can be found in its weird, weird writing and McDowell had to have been given a script at one point. Still, at least we got to hear McDowell say some more cool stuff. I mean, him playing a creepy British bad guy can't be something we see every day, now can it?
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