7 Films Which Eerily Predicted The Future

When the NSA scandal hit earlier in the year, you shouldn't have been surprised. Enemy of the State got there 15 years ago...

How's that saying go? Life imitates art? Sometimes it feels like these Hollywood honchos have the inside scoop on whatever is going on, it's like everything has already happened on the screen. The media is where most of us get our information from these days. Films are becoming so real to us and ingrained in our culture that it's often easy to lose track of what is real and what is fake. The day we finally make contact with aliens will evidently be a letdown because I'm expecting something like ET. And I've seen it all before, remember Mars Attacks? It's happened before. But it hasn't. It's not real. One of the main reasons I'm clinging to the idea is because films and TV have allowed me to dream of fantastic, unrealistic possibilities. They have put the idea of other worlds and extraterrestrials in my brain. Thanks to Hollywood, I won't even be shocked if it does happen. And if I stay rational about this, I know that we're not going to be over taken by rouge AI's. It's just a film! There are people out there who would meet Christian Bale on the street and expect him to be Bruce Wayne. it's so real. Except it's not real. The things we see in films don't happen in real life. The things we see in films are made up, far-fetched ideas purely to entertain and offer an semblance of escapism. Right? Right? Delve deeper and you'll discover that that's not always the case. Sometimes films and TV shows have nailed it and eerily predicted events which came to pass. Perhaps Hollywood has reused, remade and rebooted everything so much that were bound to predict the future at some point? Keep reading to discover a few examples of we did just that, where films somehow predicted future incidents in often strange and unusual ways. Now, I'm not talking about predicting trends or technological advances, we're bound to make those leaps one day if we try. Here are seven examples of when Hollywood really nailed it ... somehow ...

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