7 Movies That Christian Bale Completely Changed His Body For

When is a Bat not a Bat? When he’s a chameleon…

Robert Kojder


Batman Begins Bruce Waynes Journey
Warner Bros

Christian Bale is arguably one of the greatest actors of cinema’s current generation. We can look towards the obvious reasons, such as an accurate representation of legendary superhero persona Bruce Wayne, despite admittedly overdoing the graveled tough guy voice for Batman.

You can also point towards his much deserved Oscar win for portraying the drugged out crack addict Dicky Eklund in The Fighter; a performance captured from true events so well that I was in disbelief at how similar both actor and character seamlessly blended together during the end credits additional footage.

There is simply no denying that Christian Bale is a talented actor, but there is something very specific – and potentially life threatening- to his character role preparation and encapsulation that really blurs the line between acting and simply becoming someone else entirely.

This element is a constant fluctuation between body weights. We’re not discussing one case of dropping a few pounds or getting ripped though. Christian Bale seemingly attaches a new visualization of his body mass alongside every role he accepts. These transitions are frequently drastic too, resulting in Bale drawing parallels to a chameleon.

It seriously cannot be healthy going from handsome to chiseled to malnourished to fit again and more, but I have undying respect for the absolutely brutal method acting he constantly subjects himself too.

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