7 Trailers That Blatantly Lied To You In 2017

Trailer trickery.

Paramount Pictures

Movie studios have their work cut out when it comes to trailers. Preview footage must tell the public what the film is about, who's in it, give them a taster of the tone and tell them when it's arriving in theatres... all in the space of three short minutes.

Revealing too much is a common mistake here, as the majority of blockbuster trailers either present the movie's best scenes prematurely, or are packed with spoilers. This can be frustrating for cinemagoers, but it's nothing compared to those times when trailers have sold the public only lies and half-truths.

Deception is a tool marketing departments rely on too often, and this is certainly the case in Hollywood. Countless campaigns have led the punters into believing the movie they're shelling out hard-earned cash to see is something else entirely.

This isn't always a bad thing. Anyone who went into Cabin in the Woods expecting the generic horror that was teased left pleasantly surprised, and any Nicolas Winding Refn movie delivers more substance than the previews suggest, to cite but two examples.

Trailer trickery was rife in 2017, and studios were guilty of everything from white lies to blatant false advertising, and here are the worst offenders...

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