8 Actors You Won't Recognise In 2018 Movies

1. John C Reilly - Stan And Ollie

John C Reilly has always been quite the big screen funnyman in his own right, but 2018 will see him play one half of one of cinema's most beloved comedy double acts, Laurel and Hardy - and he's undergone quite the transformation for the part.

While his co-star Steve Coogan pretty much just looks like himself (although perhaps a little thinner than usual) as Stan Laurel, Reilly has taken on an make-up job to rival that of Gary Oldman as Churchill, in order to match Oliver Hardy's famed girth.

True, Reilly has never been the most slender-bodied of actors, but we've never seen him this huge. We should probably be glad this was achieved by prosthetic means, as opposed to going method and putting the weight on for real, which would surely have been a major health risk.

Directed by Jon S Baird, Stan and Ollie follows the iconic comedians on their final tour of the United Kingdom in 1953.

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