8 Awesome Ways For The Joker To Cameo In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The best ways for The Joker to make his presence felt in Batman v Superman.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is not only going to feature those two iconic heroes meeting (and fighting) for the very first time on the big screen, but it's also going to see Wonder Woman make her long awaited movie debut. Throw in cameos from Justice League members like Aquaman and The Flash along with those rumours about Doomsday showing up, and it's a very busy and exciting release. Is it greedy then to hope that The Joker also shows up in some form? Jared Leto's bizarre and very unique take on the iconic villain has anticipation for Suicide Squad at an all-time high, and while that movie is going to feature the Caped Crusader going after the Clown Prince of Crime, next August is far too long to wait in order to see their worlds collide. Instead, The Joker should first make an appearance in the Zack Snyder helmed Batman V Superman to really set the stage for what's to come in that villain led ensemble. Rumour has it this will indeed be the case, though there are conflicting reports about how exactly it's going to go down. So, with that in mind, what are the best possible ways for The Joker to appear in the movie? Taking inspiration from a mixture of the comic books, rumours, and entirely original ideas, these are the best possible ways for The Joker to show up in Batman V Superman next March...

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