8 Dirtiest Jokes Hidden In Toy Story Movies

Children's movies and TV shows are filled with innuendo, even Toy Story. Especially Toy Story.


Toy Story is one of Pixar's most beloved film series, and for good reasons. The fourth installment has just recently been released and so far is receiving positive reviews. But hidden inside these gems of children's movies are some risque material - a common occurrence for multiple reasons. Not the least of which is to give the adults watching something to chuckle at and the fact that many adults are natural perverts and the ones who make movies are no less so.

From jokes about erections to toys knockin' boots, to a reference to the pornographic trope of a 'casting couch' scene, and some toilet humor - the Toy Story franchise has you covered for all things dirty .

But we're still talking about children's movies here, so maybe they were all innocent and we're just thinking too much about them? So remember folks, technically speaking these 10 jokes aren't really dirty jokes in a children's film. They're just...Depravity In Style.

Okay, yeah, maybe they're dirty jokes...

8. Buzz Gets A Winged Erection


In Toy Story 2 the toys have to help Buster - Andy's red miniature dachshund - escape from Andy's room to do some 'private time'. Jessie springs to action using a Hot Wheels car to perform a series of acrobatics in order to reach the doorknob and open the door.

Buzz was already attempting to flirt with the cowgirl toy - and failing miserably - so when she performs her talented stunt he is quite awed by her skills. As a result his wings snap to attention - clearly poking fun at the fact that he has grown erect by her display.

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