8 Horror Movie Fan Theories That Make The Films Even Creepier

8. Dewey Is The Third Killer - Scream

Scream Dewey
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The death of Sidney Prescott's mother, Maureen, fuelled an entire horror franchise, much in the same way the spirit of Jason's mother fanned the flames of most Friday the 13th movies.

After allegedly having an affair with Billy Loomis' father - and subsequently splitting up his parents - Billy and his best friend, Stu, take it upon themselves to murder Maureen and continue slicing and dicing their way through their schoolmates until they can get to Sidney as well. And how swiftly they're able to carry out these murders, too. In fact, there's only one major hiccup in their entire plan: Billy getting tossed in jail after Sidney accuses him of attacking her in her house while dressed as Ghostface.

YetBilly is released the very next day. Despite the fact that his cell phone was confiscated and he clearly made calls to the house at the exact same time the killer did. Shouldn't that warrant holding him a little longer? Not when Officer Dewey is on the case!

The Theory: See, Dewey has always been a little obsessed with Sidney (this much is overtly in the film). Though she treats him like an older brother, he's always harboured different kinds of feelings for her, which is why he's so happy she's friends with his little sister, Tatum. But at some point, perhaps after his advances are either rejected or ignored...he snaps. He helps - maybe even pushes - Billy and Stu in their murderous rampage.

Just as a bonus thought, why was there never a scene in the first or second instalment that showed Dewey mourning the death of his little sister, who was killed by either Billy or Stu halfway through the first film? Is it maybe because he was implicit in her demise?


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