8 Horror Movie Fan Theories That Make The Films Even Creepier

The creepiness factor just got turned up to 11...

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Not everything in a horror movieis presented right there on the blood-splatteredsurface. Sometimes you have to dig a little further beneath the crust to find one or several hidden meanings the filmmaker injected into his work of terror.

Fan theories are especially fun to put together for horror movies, since they tend to be an exercise in either explaining or escalating the pre-existing creepiness. Just like how a skilled storyteller puts their own spin on the same campfire ghost story we've all heard a million times before, the most clever viewers come up with some pretty interesting variations for the events that take place in seemingly straightforward horror films.

And while a good amount of the fan theories that have been put together are at least slightly ridiculous and/or semi-implausible, there's a good handful of them that will at least make you question the filmmaker's intent.

As should be assumed with this type of article, there are plenty of spoilers ahead. OR ARE THERE??

...No, but seriously, expect spoilers.


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