8 Horror Movies That Get Better The Deeper You Go

The best horror movies are the ones you don't understand.

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Films are perfect for when you're after some surface level entertainment. There's no simple pleasure quite as enjoyable as zoning out, laying back, and whacking on a movie that you don't have to pay full attention to, falling into some cheap laughs or easy scares for 90 minutes before getting on with your day. But there will always come a time when shovelling in snacks to baseless Scary Movie instalments loses its sheen, and we become hungry for something that Doritos and Anna Faris just can't provide. Sad, but true.

Never fear, as of course, there's a world of cinema out there that veers in exactly the opposite direction. Instead of bumbling through their run time with little to offer than some shiny, entertaining images, these films pride themselves on offering an experience that dives deep into unknown territories - crafting immersive worlds, concepts, and mysteries for audiences to unravel time and time again.

These might be even harder to find in the horror genre, but they do exist, creating truly unnerving pieces that improve with each watch as you comb over the clues they leave to reach mind-blowing finales...


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