8 Horror Movies That Get Better The Deeper You Go

7. Black Swan

Black Swan Natalie Portman
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Darren Aronofsky doesn't make basic movies. Whether it's Requiem for a Dream, Mother!, or Noah, the director is known for his off the wall envisioning of life in an entirely new and uncomfortable way - bringing the darker aspects of his character's psyches to the forefront for a nightmarish ride. His horror efforts in Black Swan are where this talent for the macabre becomes most apparent, detailing one dancer's fall from grace as she works through a hallucinogenic struggle to become prima ballerina of Swan Lake.

Diving into Black Swan provides a wealth of interesting dissections, playing off the representations of the white swan that Natalie Portman's character embodies so well, and the black swan that she aspires to be able to connect with in the same way as Mila Kunis. Whether this is the death of innocence and welcoming of her budding sexuality or perhaps the insinuation of abuse at her mothers hands is up to the audience to decide, with the film's interpretive qualities mesmerising to really get your teeth into.

Black Swan's psychological edge and constant shifting between reality and imagination is one that makes it a difficult, but rewarding watch, much like many other Aronofsky films, too. In any case, it's one that only gets better the further you pick it apart - since you can be sure that everything the director has put in there has its own firm reasoning behind it.


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