8 Movie Villains Whose Punishments Were Far Too Severe

They just didn't fit the crimes.

Raiders Belloq

Sometimes a movie villain gets their just desserts.

Who didn't breathe a sigh of relief when The Green Mile's sadistic prison guard Percy Wetmore was carted off to that mental asylum? Who really shed a tear when bidding hasta la vista to the T-1000? And yes, Back to the Future's Biff Tannen deserved to end up in that manure every time.

On other occasions, truly despicable characters managed to get away with murder, both literally and figuratively. The Dursleys got off lightly in the Harry Potter series, for instance, and Nurse Ratched was lucky Jack Nicholson was subdued at the crucial moment.

Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum are the villains who aren't really all that bad, those misunderstood folks who had little control over their destiny, made a few poor calls or simply took things too far.

Characters which fall into this unfortunate category are often punished too severely, and this is rarely anything less than tragic.

Come to think of it, there tends to be a lot of this going around in Disney movies, but the House of Mouse isn't the only guilty party.

From so-called monsters that didn't ask to be created, to guys whose only crime was doing their job overzealously, here are the times when the 'villain' was hard done by.


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