9 Comic Book Movies That Divided Critics And Fans

Batman V Superman V Critics V Fanboys.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Something odd happened between critics and studios in 2016. Perhaps sensing their forthcoming superhero movies weren’t going to be well received critically, Warner Bros took the approach of dismissing any bad word of mouth, having actors and directors state they made movies for fans and not the critics.

This is weird, since those same critics previously lavished praise on Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, proving they can enjoy comic book movies. Y'know, when they’re actually good. Still, many fans took Warner Bros dismissal of critics to heart, leading to a strange divide where they felt any bad review of a DC movie was biased and probably paid for by Marvel.

This isn’t the first time fans and critics have been split over a comic book movie, though, and it likely won’t be the last. In some cases, it’s the critics singing the praises of a movie fans hate, which is an odd reversal. It’s always interesting to see where the critic/fan divide is, and here is a list of movies where a clear line was drawn.


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