9 Famous Films Which Were Plagued By Ugly Lawsuits

2. The Hobbit

This is a recent development that consists of the Weinstein Bros facing off against Warner Bros in a $75,000,000 lawsuit. After a year of constant sniping between them, the two studios are going to thrash out their differences in a legal framework. Warner Bros have called it one of the worst blunders in movie history. They say that the Weinsteins sold the rights of The Hobbit to New Line Cinema 15 years ago and only agreed to share royalties with the first film in the series. No amount of rewriting history on the part of the Weinsteins will change this fact Bob and Harvey Weinstein believe that they are owed royalties from all Hobbit films because the financed a substantial amount of the first Hobbit film. They see that fact that the Hobbit is only one book but has spawned 2/3 films is proof that they should be recompensed. They called Warner Bros greedy and ungrateful, but given that the first instalment of the trilogy grossed over a billion dollars, it is no surprise the Weinsteins want in on the action. It will be interesting to see how matters pan out.

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