Pretty much every major blockbuster now arrives from a pre-existing franchise, meaning each new release comes with a large base of die hard fans the filmmakers can offend. Bad word of mouth can kill a film and if enough fans intensely complain there could be a severe box office toll.

Production companies tend to put a lot of stock in events like the San Diego Comic Con, using what the truly dedicated fans make of their upcoming releases as a barometer for general audience. To follow this is a rather foolhardy exercise; Green Lantern was met with cheers while Avatar left people empty. Sure, what the fans think is important, but they make up only a small fraction of the audience; Avatar, The Avengers and The Dark Knight all succeeded because the general public wanted to see them and there’s nothing a disgruntled fan could have done to change that.

But sometimes for that reasons films go the other way, ignoring what makes people love the source material exactly because they don’t effect the box office. Often general audiences won’t realise anything is up, so to fill you in on all the fanboy angst, here’s nine franchises where the producers ignored the fans in pursuit of the regular joe’s dollar.

It’s worth noting the response from big fans wouldn’t have a made massive impact to the success of these films, either coming out at a time before the rise of the Internet or being too minor complaints for the general public to take much interest in.

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This article was first posted on June 20, 2013