9 Movies That Everyone Has Been Tricked Into Believing They Love

1. The Established Masterpiece Trick - Citizen Kane


For so many critics and movie-lovers alike, Citizen Kane marks the definitive epitome of the cinematic art form: it is, quite simply, "the best movie ever made." In fact, you've likely heard Citizen Kane referred to in that way each and every time it's ever come up in conversation. You can't escape the label.

There are problems with that, of course, because it means that Kane is rarely able to live up to its own hype. Every first time viewing of this movie comes with an endless barrage of flashing signs that denote: "You Are About To Watch The Best Movie Ever Made. Enjoy!" The big problem, however, is that Citizen Kane probably isn't the best movie ever made.

Admire the picture for its innovative and frankly astounding camera work, for its groundbreaking narrative, and for Orson Welles' seminal performance, sure, but do these features add up to the greatest motion picture ever? Does any picture? Still, the relentless hype that goes hand-in-hand with this movie means that the majority are doomed to continue talking about it in such a way. It's fair to say that a large portion of these people are professing their love for a movie that they simply like and admire, but aren't totally in love with.

Do you love any of these movies? Any others you think should be on here? Let us know down in the comments.

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